CD Storage/ Apothecary Chest

Modular Style

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Modular CD Storage/ Apothecary Chests

Configuration "D"

Custom cabinet dimensions 38" W x 8" H x 14" D.

Typical cabinet dimensions 29 3/4" W x 8" H x 14" D.

3/4 View showing drawer and joinery detail

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  • Click to see a similar piece in red oak.

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  • Wood Selection.

    This very special modular Cd storage/ apothecary combination piece is solidly made to last for generations. Construction features intricate dovetailed joinery and hand workmanship. May be made in a large variety of woods and to custom dimensions.

    Special feature *Horizontal rows may be added as your CD collection grows.

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    Typical drawer showing hand cut dovetail joinery.











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