17 - Drawer Ultimate Cd / Apothecary Chest

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  • $4600

    This 17 drawer apothecary chest is made solid African Mahogany throughout, except for the aromatic red cedar drawer bottoms. The chest may be used to hold almost anything but the drawers are especially sized to hold Cd jewel cases. The eight top drawers each hold one row of Cd's. The second row is comprised of four drawers, each capable of holding two rows of Cds. The third row has two drawers sized to hold three rows of Cds each and one drawer that can hold two rows. While the two bottom drawers can each hold five rows or Cds. All the drawers have finely sanded insides with the aromatic red cedar drawer bottoms. The drawer insides are left unfinished, allowing safe archival storage.

    CD Drawer Capacities

    Front View

    7/8 View

    Side View

    Top Detail

    Drawer Details

    Back Detail


    With the back removed, this picture shows the structural details of the chest, including the individually fitted drawers, each smoothly sliding in its own waxed cubicle. All drawers are made using hand cut dovetail joinery.




  • Typical drawer details.

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