This is how I make my drawer pulls or knobs

Stan Pike - furniture maker

Tel: (413) 624-7116 Or:

Each is made one-by-one in a meticulous multi-step process.

First a basic cylinder of the chosen wood is turned to a diameter a little larger than the finished size (not shown). Then a bead is turned at what will become the base of the knob using a specially made cutting tool.

Then the form of the knob is made using another specially made cutter.

I next hand shape the front of the knob using a small pneumatic abrasive disk sander, continuing the process until I get the exact shape that I'm looking for.

After that I fine sand using a small high speed orbital sander.

I continue fine sanding by hand until the piece has a smooth polished look that's ready to be finished.

Finally I apply a finish as the piece rotates in the lathe.