Comic Book Storage Chest(Ultimate Comic Book Chests)

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(Economy Model)   For archival storage of comic books or other bulk storage needs.

Clear Pine (highest quality)

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Comic Book Sleve Sizes:

Drawer Capacity:

Drawer Details:

Modular Comic Book Chests:

Measurements: 25 3/8" High X 21" Wide X 18" deep.

Further Description:


3/4 View

View of Drawer Joinery

With Drawers Open.

Two Units Stacked Vertically

Two Units Set Side by Side

Rear View

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Comic Book Sleve Sizes:

Current Size Comics                              6 3/4" x 10 3/8"

Standard Size Comics                            7 " x 10 3/8"

Silver/Golden Age Size Comics            7 3/8" x 10 3/8"

Super Golden Age Size Comics            7 3/4" x 10 1/2"



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Depth of Cabinet Vs. Drawer Capacity:

The "Economy Model" chests only come in one depth, 18". Typically 8 - 9 sleeved comics will fit per inch. This gives a single drawer capacity of approximately 130 - 146 comics or 520 - 584 comics per unit.



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Typical drawer details:

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These "Economy Model" chests have been designed to function as well as our other ones made of hard woods but at lesser cost. Because they are made of a fine grade of pine instead of hard woods, they are much easier and quicker to make but provide the same archival protection as our higher cost chests. All surfaces, inside and out are still finely sanded and the drawers are still made with an almost airtight fit with insides also finely sanded but left unfinished for archival properties. Drawer bottoms are made with aromatic red cedar unless otherwise specified. Drawers hold all "Ages" or sizes of comics.

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