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These cabinet drawers are specially sized for archival storage of comic books or other bulk storage needs.

Stained and Natural Cherry (highest quality)

New Design Comic Book Storage System

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Comic Book Sleve Sizes:

Depth of Cabinet Vs. Drawer Capacity:

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Modular Comic Book Chests:

This chest measures 56 1/4" Wide x 35" High x 15" deep. This design may be made with two to four drawers per row (five drawer discontinued). Up to four rows may be stacked one on top another. For expand ability, rows may be ordered separately as your collection grows. Drawer bottoms are made of aromatic red cedar unless otherwise specified in order to repel moths and for maxims archival protection.

No longer available in 5 drawers, 2 - 4 per row only.

Further Description:

Typical drawer detail

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The chest may be constructed of various hardwoods. Mixing and matching for the top, sides, drawer fronts, knobs and pegs will give a variety of interesting looks. Cabinet tops are joined to the sides using many fine dovetail joinery. Dowel pegs may be interspaced between the dovetails as a design accent. Cabinet sides and tops are matched using butterfly joints. Drawer insides are made of high quality poplar or basswood for stability and strength. Drawer bottoms are made of poplar, basswood or aromatic red cedar for archaival purposes.. All surfaces, inside and out are finely sanded. Drawers are made to perfection, with an almost airtight fit. Drawer insides are left unfinished in order not to damage contents.

No longer available in 5 drawers, 2 - 4 per row only.


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Comic Book Sleve Sizes:

Current Size Comics                              6 3/4" x 10 3/8"

Standard Size Comics                            7 " x 10 3/8"

Silver/Golden Age Size Comics            7 3/8" x 10 3/8"

Super Golden Age Size Comics            7 3/4" x 10 1/2"



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Depth of Cabinet Vs. Drawer Capacity:

Cabinets may be made any depth (Measured front to back) from 12" up to a maximum of 18". The greater the depth, the greater the drawer capacity will be. Typically 8 - 9 sleeved comics will fit per inch.

In order to figure capacity, subtract 1.43" from the overall outside cabinet depth then divide by 8. That should give you a close estimate.















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